What is a QR-Code?

QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a mobile phone).  This video shows how they are changing the World.


How do you read the QR-Code?

All smart phones have cameras that when combined with an app can decode QR-Code and open up a webpage that is connected to it. To download a FREE QR-code reader for iPhones visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qr-reader-for-iphone/id368494609?mt=8

For Android phones check out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=la.droid.qr&hl=en


Is there an annual fee for the webspace?

There is only a one-time fee for your Memory Box page and plaque. It comes with a life-time subscription to the My Memory Box site. Our objective is to create a one-time cost instead of a monthly subscription. We want you to be able to tell the stories and celebrate the life of your loved one without ever having to worry about paying a monthly fee.

What happens when I purchase a webpage and plaque?

1. You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out which will ask you about your loved one. You don’t need to answer all questions straight away and the’re is always someone on the end of a phone or by email to support you if you get a little stuck for words.

2. You will receive in the post your personalised plaque with instructions as to how to best attach it to where you want it displayed.

3. Based on the info that you supply, your loved ones webpage is ready to view.


What if the headstone is a dual monument, for both husband and wife?

One option is to customise the memory box webpage so that it recognises both husband and wife together. The photos, video, and audio, as well as the text, can be crafted so that it functions as a joint memorial.

Another option would be to purchase a Memory Box webpage for each person, mounting both plaques on the monument. Remember that your loved one can have a link to other relations and friends who also have their own memory box webpage.

There is a discount available for multiple memory box webpages.



Besides headstones what other places can a QR Memory Box plaque be placed on?

The plaque could be placed on any object where you wish to provide a link to your loved ones Memory Box.

Some Examples are:

1. Memorial Bench

2. Urns

3. Memorial statues

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