Our Story

With the sad passing of my dad in 2001 and my mum in 2011 I was remembering all the truly great things they said and did with their lives.  I feel very lucky to have them as my parents and I miss them every day. 

All the feelings that came with those memories and the beautiful words written on cards and on the guest book at their funerals brought much comfort during a truly difficult time, but I wanted to create a permanent way of sharing these memories with friends and family.  That’s when I put together the photo video to share online.  

Qr Memory Box grew from the knowing that I was not the only one wanting a way of etching my parents lives in time.  Anyone can come to the site directly to browse, reminisce, share photos, stories etc.  

Those who are unfamiliar with Mum and Dad can scan the code at the grave to quickly find out who they were.  Those searching for genealogy  information have easy access.  Best of all, they will never be forgotten.  Long after we are gone, this tribute will remain.  

Thanks to their memory boxes on this site they  will be remembered forever - as written on the bottom of their headstone they are “forever alive in treasured memories”.

Now I want to share this experience with you. By setting up a page for your family member or friend I want to give you the gift of recording their memories to share with the world now and in the future.


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