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The way that we are remembered after we pass hasn’t changed much in the last 3000 years. A beautiful ceremony is arranged, a headstone is erected and memorial cards are sent out to friends as well as loved ones.

We at My Memory Box feel that with the advances in technology we can introduce an innovative approach to how we remember our loved ones and can celebrate and share their lives with others.


In three easy steps you can have your loved ones remembered for eternity


1. Set up an online memory box webpage.

We will compile all the information you give us to tell your loved one’s story.  We can create a slideshow of your photos and add your videos and links to the page.  We are here to help you get the best memorial for your loved one


2. Attach the small metal plaque sent to you.  

You will receive a unique plaque with your loved onespersonalised QR code to be attached to the headstone or other memorial of your loved one. This plaque can now be scanned by anyone with a smart phone which will immediately bring them to the memory box of your loved one.


3. Share.  

Share your loved one’s personalised webpage with friends and family so they can add stories, memories and photos that you may not have to the memory box webpage. (These comments are controlled by you)

For more details on how easy it is to set up click here


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